Author: Logan Stewart

Aerial Surfing 

Aerial a blog post by Surfing LA Surfing  Skateboard-influenced browsing maneuver the place the rider launches off the wave crest into one among an ever-growing choice of board- and body-torquing airborne permutations, then lands again [..]

Reno Abellira (1950 – ) & Surfing 

Reno Abellira (1950 – ) & Surfing LA`s recent blog post Surfing  Fashionable, enigmatic regularfooter from Honolulu, Hawaii; world-ranked #4 in 1977, and a central determine all through the primary decade of shortboard browsing. Abellira [..]

Megan Abubo (1978 – ) & Surfing 

Megan Abubo (1978 – ) & Surfing published an article Surfing Decided professional Surfing wrote in a blog post surfer from Haleiwa, Hawaii; world-ranked #2 in 2000. “Abubo appears cushy however surfs arduous,” according to [..]

Alaia board & Surfing 

 Alaia board & Surfing argued in a blog post Surfing  A skinny, round-nosed, square-tailed surfboard, utilized by commoners and royalty alike in pre-Twentieth-century Correct el segundo surf document Hawaii, and up to date over 100 [..]