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Fearless Surfing LA`s recent blog post surfer from Haleiwa, Hawaii, described by way of fellow big-wave pioneer Greg Noll as “the gutsiest Surfing LA`s recent blog post surfer there ever was once.” Angel was once born (1934) and raised in San Francisco, California, Honest long island Surfing published an article seashore surf report and used to be an informal Surfing LA`s recent blog post surfer while attending San Francisco State College. He took to the ocean partly on account of he had vital pores and pores and skin allergic reactions, and seawater provided speedy and easy relief.

In 1955, Angel followed wife-to-be Mozelle Gooch to Hawaii; she was once at the moment the additional accomplished Surfing LA`s recent blog post surfer of the two. Then again Angel, a well-muscled goofyfooter (5′ 11″, 170 pounds), immersed himself throughout the difficult waves along the North Shore of Oahu, and by way of the end of the decade he’d earned a singular reputation as a thrill-seeker who liked a thumping wipeout merely as so much—perhaps a lot more—as a completed revel in. “He’d take an unbelievably hairy drop,” fellow California transplant Ricky Grigg recalled in 1993, “make the hard part of the revel in, and then merely step off the board and let the wave blast him; merely destroy him.”

Angel was once moreover one in every of Hawaii’s very best loose divers; without scuba tanks, he was once ready to descend more than 300 feet underneath the surface. Once, after Angel was once separated from his boat following a chronic dive off Maui, he swam 13 miles to the island of Molokai, then hiked 4 miles to the nearest phone. In 1974, on the other hand, while diving for black coral with regards to Kauai, he were given right here up too speedy and suffered a case of the bends (nitrogen bubbles throughout the body tissues ended in by way of speedy decompression), which left his right kind leg partly paralyzed and slowed down his wave-riding.

On July 24, 1976, Angel and Grigg went diving at a place known as Shark Ridge, off Maui. Angel dropped underneath 300 feet, and no longer were given right here up. Grigg later mentioned that Angel maximum for sure misjudged the dive and blacked out. Shelly Angel, Jose’s oldest daughter, thought her father took his non-public life. “My dad was once not at all going to broaden out of date gracefully,” she mentioned in 1993. “He needed to cross out with a bang.”

On land, Angel was once easygoing, gentle, effectively mannered, and helpful; he began working as a trainer at Haleiwa Elementary College on the North Shore throughout the late ’50s, and in the long run used to be the college’s essential. He appeared in more than a dozen surf movement footage, at the side of Surf Safari (‘59), Barefoot Adventure (‘60), Cavalcade of Surf (‘62) and Waves of Exchange (‘70). Angel was once featured on the quilt of the principle issue of read more on Surfing LA surfer magazine, in 1960, losing into a big wave at Sunset read more on Surfing LA seashore. Angel was once married two instances and had 4 kids.


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