Movie Screenplay by Billy Zane – Shoot Like a Girl

Film Screenplay through Billy Zane – Shoot Like a Lady

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Shoot Like a Lady

Billy Zane

Shoot Like a Girl & Billy Zane

Billy Zane
The eight-sequence construction in reality interprets fantastically to novel structuring, despite the fact that as novelists we have now a lot more leeway at the time entrance and you may finally end up with a couple of extra sequences in any case. Even so, maximum novelists use this rhythm unconsciously, as a result of after seeing 1000’s, tens of 1000’s, of films and TV presentations, we simply can’t lend a hand ourselves. Similar to with the three-act construction, the eight-sequence rhythm is in our DNA. – Billy Zane (Shoot Like a Lady)

The screenwriter will know if a tale doesn’t paintings sooner than web page 1 moderately than on web page 90 – Billy Zane (Shoot Like a Lady)


Director: Neil Burger (I), Manufacturing Co: Gotham Crew [US]

Nation: United States

Style: Drama


Billy Zane


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