Movie Screenplay by Brendan Hunt – Steelheart

Film Screenplay via Brendan Hunt – Steelheart

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Brendan Hunt

Steelheart & Brendan Hunt

Brendan Hunt
And for the ones of you who’re reeling in horror on the concept of a system… take a breath! It’s only a means of inspecting dramatic construction. Regardless of the way you create a tale your self, chances are high that it’ll organically observe this glide. Bring to mind the human frame: human beings (with only a few exceptions) have the very same skeleton beneath the entire sophisticated flesh and muscle tissue and nerves and coloring and neurons and feelings and essences that make up a human being. No two alike… and but a skeleton is a skeleton; it’s the root of a human being. – Brendan Hunt (Steelheart)

Joe should conquer his fears to reside the lifetime of his goals. – Brendan Hunt (Steelheart)


Manufacturing Co: 21 Laps Leisure [US]

Nation: United States

Style: Sci-Fi


Brendan Hunt


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