Movie Screenplay by Cindy Sampson – Miraculous

Film Screenplay through Cindy Sampson – Miraculous

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Cindy Sampson

Miraculous & Cindy Sampson

Cindy Sampson
[1.30] Jake follows Evelyn to her thriller location. He spies on her via a window and sees her with the distraught blond woman that Jake thinks is Mulwray’s mistress. Evelyn forces the lady to take capsules. (The best way the lady is splayed at the mattress face down is sexually prone, a annoying FORESHADOWING of her destiny). – Cindy Sampson (Miraculous)

1) All the plot will have to include irony, no longer simply the tip – Cindy Sampson (Miraculous)


Director: Jeremy Zag, Manufacturing Co: Lionsgate [US]

Nation: France

Style: Motion | Comedy | Romance


Cindy Sampson


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