Movie Screenplay by Ellen Wong – Open Waters

Film Screenplay by means of Ellen Wong – Open Waters

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Open Waters

Ellen Wong

Open Waters & Ellen Wong

Ellen Wong
(I wish to notice that for the ones of you operating with horror tales, it’s crucial to spot WHAT IS THE HORROR, precisely? What are we so frightened of on this tale? How do the storytellers give us the revel in of that horror?) – Ellen Wong (Open Waters)

Misinterpretation is some other not unusual methodology. It’s the place the hero (or different characters) thinks something is occurring in keeping with a suite of false assumptions, when in fact one thing else is occurring. An instance is a usually used scene the place the nature walks in at the finish of a dialog and misinterprets the which means. The nature then wrongly acts upon this knowledge, thus growing comedy. – Ellen Wong (Open Waters)


Director: Kale Adams

Nation: United States , Filming Location: Anahuac, Texas, USA

Style: Mystery


Ellen Wong


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