Movie Screenplay by Paulina Gaitan – Sharper

Film Screenplay via Paulina Gaitan – Sharper

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Paulina Gaitan

Sharper & Paulina Gaitan

Paulina Gaitan
I will not in all probability tension this sufficient. We learn novels to have an EXPERIENCE. Make your self a listing of your favourite books and establish what EXPERIENCE the ones books provide you with. Intercourse, terror, absolute energy, the loopy wonderfulness of falling in love? What’s the explicit rollercoaster that that e book (or film) is? Establish that for your favourite tales and be particular. Then do the similar on your personal tale. Are you getting that — and I imply all of that — into your first bankruptcy? Your first 3 chapters? If now not, you may have paintings to do. And you understand what? That is going simply as a lot for me, and all people. In spades. GIVE US THE EXPERIENCE. – Paulina Gaitan (Sharper)

WRONG – Paulina Gaitan (Sharper)


Director: Benjamin Caron (III), Manufacturing Co: A24 [US]

Nation: United States

Style: Drama


Paulina Gaitan


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