Movie Screenplay by Phylicia Rashad – The Brontes

Film Screenplay through Phylicia Rashad – The Brontes

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The Brontes

Phylicia Rashad

The Brontes & Phylicia Rashad

Phylicia Rashad
A large number of suspense tales use kids, girls, or characters with a incapacity as primary characters to instantly stack the chances in opposition to the hero. K, it sounds manipulative, however suspense is manipulation. And simply because one way is manipulative doesn’t make it any much less efficient when it’s finished smartly: recall to mind Wait Till Darkish (blind protagonist), Rear Window (wheelchair-bound protagonist), The 6th Sense (I swear I went to that film simply to ensure that little boy made it out k), The Shining (every other haunted and susceptible kid). – Phylicia Rashad (The Brontes)

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Nation: United Kingdom , Filming Location: Haworth,… Extra

Style: Biography


Phylicia Rashad


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