Movie Screenplay by Ray Liotta – Gucci

Film Screenplay by way of Ray Liotta – Gucci

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Ray Liotta

Gucci & Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta
· ASSIGNMENT: Why now not get started a piece for your non-public tale construction workbook simply to your notes at the suspense methods you’re going to be searching for any further? – Ray Liotta (Gucci)

Further Notice: Don’t overuse phrases like MORNING, EVENING, and many others. in the main slug signs. An target audience can’t inform the adaptation between DAY AND MORNING OR EVENING except the author supplies a visible or discussion to signify a particular time. To the target audience it’s simply DAY. – Ray Liotta (Gucci)


Director: Kar-Wai Wong, Manufacturing Co: Annapurna Footage [US]

Nation: United States

Style: Biography | Drama | Historical past


Ray Liotta


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