Movie Screenplay by Spike Lee – Lilo & Stitch

Film Screenplay via Spike Lee – Lilo & Sew

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Lilo & Sew

Spike Lee

Lilo & Stitch & Spike Lee

Spike Lee
· Katharine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Tale will get a fantastic personality advent in each the film and play. Within the prologue montage of the movie, we see her ushering Cary Grant to the door and shoving his golfing golf equipment out with him, then breaking one over her knee (after which his glorious comeback: pushing her down like a paper doll). Within the play, she throws open the window shutters on a good looking day and exclaims, “Just right going, God!” – Spike Lee (Lilo & Sew)

-What the hell are we seeing right here? NOTHING! – Spike Lee (Lilo & Sew)


Manufacturing Co: Walt Disney Footage [US]

Nation: United States , Filming Location: Hawaii, USA

Style: Journey | Comedy | Drama


Spike Lee


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