Movie Screenplay by Wendie Malick – Ken & Barbie

Film Screenplay by means of Wendie Malick – Ken & Barbie

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Ken & Barbie

Wendie Malick

Ken & Barbie & Wendie Malick

Wendie Malick
The deputy leader of the dept, Yelburton, enters and ushers Jake out into his personal place of work. There’s a fish at the wall, which is a routine clue. The fellows related to fish are actually fishy: responsible. Yelburton says Mulwray isn’t the adulterous sort (CLUE). Jake steals a few of Yelburton’s industry playing cards (SET UP). – Wendie Malick (Ken & Barbie)

Scenes include metaphor and subtext to create visible photographs – Wendie Malick (Ken & Barbie)


Nation: United Kingdom , Filming Location: Gold Coast,… Extra

Style: Delusion

161,457AUD 8MM

Untitled Greenpeace Mission

Wendie Malick


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