Movie Screenplay by Wilson Bethel – Day Shift

Film Screenplay by means of Wilson Bethel – Day Shift

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Day Shift

Wilson Bethel

Day Shift & Wilson Bethel

Wilson Bethel
And now Jake proceeds to do what detectives normally do in Act II, Phase 1 in homicide mysteries: he INTERVIEWS WITNESSES AND SUSPECTS and FOLLOWS CLUES. – Wilson Bethel (Day Shift)

A certain fireplace method to see if the author has a successful script is to turn to the top. Does the hero get the closing line or the closing visible? If now not, the author hasnÂ’t studied screenplays or his tale receivedÂ’t make it to the large display. The large display is the heroÂ’s canvas! – Wilson Bethel (Day Shift)


Director: J.J. Perry, Manufacturing Co: Unimaginable Dream Leisure [US]

Nation: United States

Style: Comedy | Fable


Wilson Bethel


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