Tag: Production Co: Blumhouse Productions [US]

Movie Screenplay by Wes Anderson – Mother Nature

Film Screenplay through Wes Anderson – Mom Nature NEW Mom Nature screenplay obtain Mom Nature Wes Anderson Wes Anderson #NAME? – Wes Anderson (Mom Nature) http://www.screenplay.biz/new-screenplays/wes-anderson-screenplay-subject-of-prison-petition/ COMMERCIAL VIABILITY: – Wes Anderson (Mom Nature) http://texexit.com/prison-petition-asks-wes-anderson-to-read-screenplay/

Movie Screenplay by Rachael Harris – Firestarter

Film Screenplay via Rachael Harris – Firestarter NEW Firestarter screenplay obtain Firestarter Rachael Harris Rachael Harris 2. You must make the reader CARE. – Rachael Harris (Firestarter) http://www.screenplay.biz/new-screenplays/rachael-harris-screenplay-subject-of-prison-petition/ Cassandra units a basket at the counter. [..]

Movie Screenplay by Scout Taylor-Compton – Adrift

Film Screenplay via Scout Taylor-Compton – Adrift NEW Adrift screenplay obtain Adrift Scout Taylor-Compton Scout Taylor-Compton INCITING INCIDENT/CALL TO ADVENTURE – Scout Taylor-Compton (Adrift) http://www.screenplay.biz/new-screenplays/scout-taylor-compton-screenplay-subject-of-prison-petition/ BACK TO SCENE – Scout Taylor-Compton (Adrift) http://texexit.com/prison-petition-asks-scout-taylor-compton-to-read-screenplay/