10 Best Blue-Eyed Cats


Balinese cats have blue eyes. A random genetic mutation in purebred Siamese cats gave these stunning kittens their lengthy coats.


Beautiful pointed cats, blue-eyed Birmans. Six-colored long-haired cat with white paw gloves. Burmese and Siamese cats may have bred in France.


The pointed Himalayan is a Siamese-Persian hybrid. Some organizations consider the breed a Persian. Himalayans have long, dense coats and piercing blue eyes. 

Ojos Azules

The breed standard for the uncommon Ojos Azules.  cat is under preparation. Though not pointed or white, its eyes are always a deep blue. 


Persian cats are popular due to their silky coats, smushed cheeks, and friendly nature. Blue-eyed Persians. Persians care. They love snuggling. 


Ragdoll cats calmest. The creature's attitude and huge blue eyes are appealing. Friendly, dog-like intelligence. Candy-stealing ragdolls.


Siamese cats have enchanted cat lovers worldwide for decades. Is it surprising given its almond-shaped blue eyes, sharp coloring, exquisite physique, and affable nature? Smart, curious meezers are called that. 

Snowshoe Cat

Siamese-American shorthair hybrids generated the snowshoe cat. Blue-eyed pointed cats. Their snowy-looking white mittened paws give them their name.

Turkish Angora

Turkish angoras have blue, green, gold, amber, and bicolor eyes. This tall, white cat has a shiny coat. It's kind and affectionate and thrives in a household with companionship.


Tonkinese are Siamese-Burmese hybrids. Excellent soft-pointed blue, turquoise, or yellow-green eyes. Kind cats. Though quieter than Siamese, they display emotion.