11 Dogs That Look Like Wild Animal

Tibetan "Do-Khyi" mastiffs. Northern Nepal, India, and Bhutan have them. Nepalese call them "Bhote Kukur". Bhote means "outsiders to Nepal that represent Tibet" and kukur means "dog".

Lion-like Dogs:  Tibetan Mastiff

Artificial tiger dogs. Tiger-painted Golden Retrievers. Chinese dog painting has gone West. Many think painting animals is bad, but dog shows now honor tigers and pandas.

Tiger-like Dogs: 

Louisiana Catahoula Smart leopard dogs. Indian "Catahoula" means "clear water". Muscular, blue-eyed, multicolored fur.  American and Canadian farmers bred Spanish Mastiffs, Greyhounds, and native American dogs for hunting and security.

Leopard-like Dogs: Louisiana Catahoula Leopard

Tiger-painted dog pandas. Black-painted white Chow Chows. Chinese dog shows featured these dogs. The U.S. started painting poodles like other animals.

Panda-like Dogs

Vinegar dogs are special. Amazonian puppies are darkest. Bush dogs have silky, brownish-tan fur.

Bear-like Dogs: Bush Dog

Bedlington Terriers are great hunters and warriors. Athletic swimming dogs. They love water and youngsters. Barking Bedlington Terriers need instruction.

Sheep-like Dogs: Bedlington Terrier

Arctic wolves bred Alaskan Malamutes. Strong, friendly sled dogs. Strong Malamutes rarely bark. Smart, faithful malamutes. Malamutes hate heat. They're hyperactive for apartments.

Wolf-like Dogs: Alaskan Malamute

Tanukis are canids. Raccoon dogs resemble raccoons. Pairs live in Asia. Male Tanukis feed pregnant mates and raise their young.

Raccoon-like Dogs: Tanuki

The red or fox dog-like dhole is a wild Indian dog. They resemble Australian Border Collies. Dholes kill prey 10 times their size and run rapidly.

Fox-like Dogs: Dhole