15 Foods To Eat On The Keto Diet

Apr 30 2023 15 Foods To Eat On The Keto Diet Jigyasa Kakwani

​Fish​ Salmon And Other Fish Are Nearly Carb-Free And Also Rich In B Vitamins Potassium And Selenium. Canva

​Cheese​ Most Cheeses Are Very Low In Carbs And High In Fat Making Them Perfect For The Keto Diet. Canva

​Unsweetened Plant-Based Milk​ Soy Almond And Coconut Milk Are Keto-Friendly Plant-Based Milk Varieties. Canva

​Meat And Poultry​ Fresh Meat And Poultry Contain No Carbs High Quality Protein And Several Important Minerals. Canva

​Spinach​ Green Leafy Veggies Like Spinach Are Extremely Low In Carbs And Rich In Vitamin K And Iron. Canva

​Zucchini​ Make A Refreshing Zucchini Salad By Slicing It Thinly And Combining With Olive Oil Salt And Pepper. Canva

​Eggs​ Each Large Egg Contains Less Than 1 Gram Of Carbs And About 6 Grams Of Protein. Canva