5 Reasons to Use a Neem Wood Comb

1: Combats Dandruff

White flakes of dandruff can irritate the scalp and hair. Neem hair combs prevent scalp friction, cuts, and nicks better than plastic ones.

2: Prevents Hair Loss 

Plastic combs are rougher than neem. It's tougher. Larger bristles disentangle hair more easily. Kits nourish hair. 

3: Grows Hair 

Neem combs improve scalp circulation. This nourishes hair follicles for healthy, long hair. Sebum control removes toxins. Neem wood comb accelerates hair growth. 

4: Moisturizes Strands  

Neem wood combs evenly distribute scalp oils. Neem combs prevent hair loss and make hair shiny, bouncy, and healthy. Accessories can enhance hair.

5. Nourishes Scalp 

Hair care is best with neem combs. Neem combing is part of natural scalp care. Keeps hair healthy. Your scalp is gently massaged. Hair and scalp blood flow improves. 

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