7 Things You Might Want to Buy for Your New Cat

Cat Bed

Make sure the bed you give your new cat is warm and inviting. Think about your cat's interests and get him or her something like a comfy bed or a cat hideaway.

NO. 1

Litter Box 

Put a litter box somewhere calm and accessible. For easier maintenance, use clumping or non-clumping litter in a litter box that fits your cat.

NO. 2

Scratching Post 

Cats scratch for two reasons: to maintain healthy claws and to mark their territory. Buy a scratching post or scratcher to prevent your cat from scratching your expensive furniture.

NO. 3

Food and Water Bowls 

The cat's food and water should be served in strong, non-toxic dishes. If you want to eat more comfortably at the table, you might want to invest in some raised bowls.

NO. 3

Cat Toys 

Toys like feather wands and catnip-stuffed toys might help you keep your cat engaged. A cat's mental and physical health can both benefit from playtime with toys.

NO. 4

Cat Carrier 

A cat carrier is a must for trips to the vet or on the road. Pick a safe and comfy carrier with good ventilation.

NO. 5

Grooming Supplies

To keep your cat's fur tidy, use a brush or comb. A scratching post or nail clippers can help maintain nails.

NO. 6

Food and Treats 

You should stock up on nutritious, high-quality cat food. Training treats and special awards are some great uses for treats.

NO. 7