Best Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

This basic but stylish haircut may be worn anywhere—at work, events, or even on a regular day. Use a straightener and hair serum to get this look.

1. Straight-Down ‘Do

Putting your ponytail to the side makes it romantic. Daytime dates and coffee with friends are perfect.

2. Long, Straight Side     Ponytail

Tendrils can spice up a low ponytail. After tying your hair, let some strands frame your face.

3. Low Ponytail With     Tendrils

A high-ponytail gives you confidence. It's perfect for a hot party haircut or a corporate-chic outfit.

4. Ponytail worn high

Thin hair? Blowouts bounce. Blow-dry a section near your hairline backwards using a circular roller brush. Roll it. Repeat on other side and hairtips. Spray hair.

5. Hairdo for a Blowout

Full, blunt bangs cut over the eyebrows will give you a trendy appearance. If you have long hair, layering is a great way to create texture and movement.

6. Full bangs and a           long, straight mane

Braiding long straight hair keeps all strands in place. To embellish a three-strand braid, wrap a hair rope around the base.

7. Modest Braid    Accented With Rope

This V-shaped hairstyle has short side tips and longer central points. Long straight hair accentuates the contour.

8. V-Cut Hairstyle

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