Wet kitten food flavors

Meat pâté. Pâté cat food is usually pre-packaged. Fork-break pâté to make it easier to eat.

Pâté cat food:

Your kitten may like rich gravy with larger meat bits. Avoid overfeeding cats with this tasty alternative.

Cat food in gravy:

Gravy-covered cat food. Broth is thinner. Some broth-based cat food has nutritious vegetables. You can feed your cat plain broth.

Cat food in broth:

Kittens and small cats may prefer flakes or stew over sauce or broth with larger meat chunks. Cheese, vegetables, and bacon improve wet cat food.

Flaked cat food: 

Shredded cat food protein is longer and thinner than chunks. Some shredded cat food comes in gravy.

Shredded cat food: