Winter products pamper  you.

Shower (Gel) Power

Foaming gels and bodywashes dry and irritate. Soap-free washes nourish skin. Shower briefly. Hotter showers dry skin.

Those Who Love to Scrub 

A soft shower loofah and a moderate body scrub without Salicylic and Glycolic Acid once or twice a week exfoliate dead skin and limit moisture. Overuse weakens skin barrier.

Make an Oil of It

Face oils moisturise skin when applied with moisturizers or warm baths. Chamomile, lavender, jasmine, lemon, and sandalwood oils relieve dry skin. They smell amazing!

Lotion Potion

Winter enhances post-shower skin moisture. Moisturize after showering. Fragranced and preservative-laden lotions and creams may aggravate dry skin.

 Hand To Toe

Hands and feet? Apply good hand lotion after showering and bring a tube for touch-ups. Wear socks and hand and foot cream before bed for morning suppleness.

Shout For Sunblock

Please confirm. It's too cold to skip sunscreen. Tropical residents face sunburn even in winter. Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before leaving. During the day, reapply.